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Interview on backstage shows the production of the feature film, Bloody Eyes, produced and directed by Rafael Nani.

Interview about the production of Rose Garden, a film produced and directed by Rafael Nani, and officially selected for the Burbank International Film Festival.

 Interview about Rafael Nani’s short film, Rose Garden, officially selected for the LABRFF.

Interview about cinema and VFX.

Interview about the production process for Cinema.

Interview about RafaNani’s short film, Rose Garden, officially selected to be featured in the Glendale International Film Festival.

Interview about film production.

Interview about film production stages.

Interview about the importance of academic updates, such as a Masters of Fine Arts.

Interview about film production and how the filmmaker Rafael Nani uses his techniques to create.

Interview about cinema.

Interview about new ways of studying other languages for professional field.

Interview about Film Production and Special Effects

Interview about cinema, visual effects and animation.

Interview about cinema

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